PD3/4 Goes Live!

Dear Customer

Winter is drawing to a close and warmer fronts are on their way, it is time to lose the big coat, hat and take the gloves off ready for the start of a busier trading period.

Spring is an important time with the Easter Bank Holiday being the C-Sectors’ biggest trading weekend of the year and at Stocked we fully plan to support this busy time and put a “Spring” into your profits. We have drivers for this period such as Bacon & Sausage for those Easter Sunday fry up’s which is a key part of making the Bank Holiday Weekend a success, in addition we will be offering extra margin on our premium Porky White Sausages as part of our weekly margin enhancing Orange Offer calendar (Please ask your sales rep for more details so you don’t miss out).

In our New Year edition I mentioned that the market is changing and we will be looking to implement some price decreases this year, following on from this I am pleased to announce that in this edition we have reduced the retail prices of our Sandwiches now offering even better value, which coupled with our 40%margin make these a must stock for your chiller.

We have also introduced a few new products in this edition. We have a new Red Leicester Cheese from Lye Cross and I would like to particularly draw your attention to the 2 new Texas James micro snacks which extend and complement the existing range ensuring you can maximise your offering from this excellent brand.

As always I look forward to trading with you all this spring and being a part of your success.

Let’s keep those shelves and Bank Holiday breakfast tummies alive!

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