PD1/2 Goes Live!

Dear Customer

2015 is now upon us and as always a new year signals new beginnings…with this in mind I would like to start this year by welcoming you to our fresh new look brochure!

A new year is also an exciting time as we plan and face the opportunities that lay ahead, at Stocked we are dedicated to making this year even more successful than the last by supporting the C-Sector with our excellent chilled offering at competitive prices for your shoppers.

In this edition I am excited to announce a number of price decreases including key sales drivers such as Bacon, Pate and Pastry. As the market continues to change we will look to make your Chilled range both attractive and competitive at all times, I personally guarantee that as we receive price decreases from our suppliers we will be swift in passing these savings onto you and your consumers.

I would also like to turn your attention to our £1 range displayed on our centre pages, as we all know this is a key price point and at Stocked we offer a great number of products that allow the C-Sector to compete in this £1 competitive environment.

With all of the above coupled with our continuing support towards overall value, single units and sale or return we must be the chilled partner of choice for supporting your sales in 2015 and for many more new years to come.

I wish you all the best in 2015

Let’s keep those shelves and diet plans alive!

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