PD 7/8 Goes Live!

Well as you can see, we at Stocked are anticipating another glorious British summer this year. We all know that our British summer weather can be changeable and keep us on our toes to say the least, but we have worked hard to ensure that we have the perfect barbecue and picnic offers in place, ready and waiting for when the sun does shine.

Our Exclusive 2 for £6 fresh meat range includes BBQ Ribs, Lamb Kebabs, Beef burgers and Jerk Chicken and much more, giving you Farm Shop Quality at prices that put the Multiples to shame. Our range of Porky Whites premium sausages now contain the ever popular Honey Roast and Pork and Apple variants, whilst our array of continental and cooked meats, coleslaws, yoghurt’s, sliced and grated cheeses mean that every event will be well catered for.

Don’t forget our Welsh Pantry single pastry is still on our Orange Offer giving you a massive 30% margin, and our delicious range of Fresh ‘n’ Local sandwiches provide a massive 40% margin AND SOR!

Let’s keep those summer shelves alive!

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