Common Questions

How often can I get a delivery?

This is dependant on your location. We do our very best to ensure a minimum of two deliveries a week and where possible three. Our normal two day delivery patterns are either Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays and our three-day-a-week patterns are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The Area Manager for your location will be able to confirm a schedule for your store. All the details you will need are on the “Meet the Team”

How can I get a copy of your Brochure?

The Brochure contains our complete product range including our latest promotions, new products, product updates and our contact information. The easiest way to obtain a copy is to ask your Van Sales Representative for the latest version. Alternatively you can contact the Office on 0800 121 4688.

My Van Sales Representative has not turned up, what should I do?

We will always try and contact you if we think there will be disruption to your normal delivery time/schedule. Unfortunately not all events are predictable so if your Van Sales Representative has not turned up please contact either your Area Manager or the Office and we will update you on the situation.

My invoice and delivery do not match?

In the unlikely event of a discrepancy, please contact the Office on 0800 121 4688 and we will investigate the query. We will then ask your Area Manager to get in contact with you to address any problem.

How does SOR Work?

Sale or Return means if you don’t sell a product bought from us and it goes past its use by date, we will collect it from you and refund the cost you paid for it. We offer Sale or Return (SOR) on 95% of what we sell and all products are highlighted with their SOR status in our Brochure.

Texas James