Customer Focus – Kwik Save, Withywood (Bristol)

The store in Withywood converted from a Spar last June to the new Kwik Save format, Brij the manager said that they converted over to the new Costcutter owned facia as they felt Kwik Save was a well-known brand the public had come to love and associated it with every day value, Since converting Brij has seen trade go up almost weekly and they now serve approx. 2000 customers a day.

Being so close to 5 schools and a very busy road with its passing trade, snacking has become very important to the store.Brij commented on how well the Welsh Pantry pastry products sold, “people love a bargain and that’s what they get with your products”

The 26,000 Sq foot store has a very good chilled food offering including many Stocked lines, with 18-22%of Chilled Food sales making up total store turnover Brij is very keen to work with Stocked to carry on growing his business.

Stocked would like to thank Brij and all his staff for all their business throughout last year and look forward to helping them growing even more during 2014.

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